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Fine Lines & Wrinkle Reduction

We realize that you need what’s best for your unique situation, which is why we provide much more than the cookie-cutter approach to non-invasive facial skin rejuvenation. At D Luxe Lab, our experts have assembled some of the finest solutions to address your wrinkles, lines, uneven skin, and other facial skin concerns.

If you would like to learn more about fine lines and wrinkle reduction in Yorkville and Toronto, ON, we invite you to learn more by reading on or by scheduling a consultation with our friendly staff today! View our FAQs.

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Leading Technologies

Our IPL, laser, and dermal infusion treatment options were specifically chosen because of their distinguished convenience, versatility, and results when addressing facial ageing concerns.

IPL and Laser Skin Resurfacing Treatments in Toronto

When you choose ICON, a revolutionary iteration of IPL and laser technology, you’ll likely notice improvements in deep facial wrinkles, crow’s feet, uneven skin texture, and frown lines almost immediately.

Icon boasts a variety of unique features that directly address your skin concerns, including:

By tracking your skin’s average melanin density from treatment to treatment, Icon’s Skintel Melanin Reader will automatically suggest the right settings for your particular skin tone. This groundbreaking addition will help make your wrinkle and line resurfacing treatment much safer and more precise than any other IPL on the market.

Icon’s 2940 and 1540 handpieces were specifically designed to target wrinkles, lines, and uneven skin texture to provide you with the best skin resurfacing treatment in the Toronto area.

This all-in-one method is proven to resolve three common skin conditions – wrinkles, sun damage, and facial veins – all at once. It’s safe, quick, and convenient, making it easy to fit into anyone’s lifestyle.

Your Icon Treatment Session

JetPeel Transdermal Infusion

D Luxe Lab proudly offers JetPeel, a touch-free, needle-free transdermal infusion system that provides the best facial rejuvenation results for patients of all ages and skin types.

Your JetPeel Treatment Session

Several of JetPeel’s unique highlights include:

Comprised of six carefully formulated Jet Solutions, this group of anti-aging serums rehydrates, tones, tightens, and improves your overall facial skin quality.

This serum acts as an incredible alternative to Botox, relaxing your facial muscles for a more youthful appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This Jet Solution also prevents future wrinkles and lines without the need to paralyze the skin.

D Luxe offers a variety of boosters that aim to further enhance your JetPeel treatment. Adding boosters will improve wrinkles and lines by rejuvenating, hydrating, toning, and brightening your skin, and can also stimulate collagen production.

Using the innovative Prestige Plus handpiece, JetPeel delivers your own platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to safely generate collagen production and promote your body’s natural healing processes for newer, smoother skin, eliminating wrinkles, lines, and other imperfections.

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Injectable Treatments

If you are searching for the best results from injectable cosmetic treatments, you’ll need injectors who understand that precision matters down to the last millimeter. We offer several distinguished injectable products to successfully improve wrinkles, lines, undereye hollows, and many other facial aging signs.

Botox and Dysport

Botox® and Dysport® have long been the two greatest neuromodulator options available. It’s well known that each of these treatments reduces and prevents wrinkles and lines of the forehead, brow line, and around the eyes, but it takes a highly skilled injector to provide you with optimal results.

The advantages of Botox and Dysport with D Luxe Lab include:

Botox and Dysport both relax muscles underneath your skin to abolish and counteract wrinkles and expression lines, giving you a more youthful appearance.

Your results will gradually take effect in about 7 to 14 days, after which you can enjoy your refreshed facial skin for up to 6 months.

We will examine your facial structure, skin texture, and many other factors so that you truly receive the most out of your Botox or Dysport wrinkle reducing session.

Botox and Dysport only take a few minutes to inject and are minimally painful.

Facial Fillers

D Luxe Lab uses Revanesse® and Radiesse®, two of the best facial filler product lines. These fillers diminish wrinkles and lines by enhancing your skin’s volume, texture, and overall appearance around the upper face, under the eyes, in the cheeks, and other areas as needed.

Dermal fillers in Toronto with D Luxe Lab offer:

Our fillers and filling methods are both highly proven and adaptable, meaning we will be able to eliminate facial wrinkles and lines in the most subtle, natural, and youthful way that is best for you.

Once we target which specific facial areas to treat, your injections will only take several minutes to administer.

Like Botox and Dysport, this facial skin volumizing solution is almost entirely painless.

You’ll begin to notice an improvement in wrinkles, lines, and skin texture within a week, which will generally last around 6 months.

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Photo Courtesy of @lepetitmedspa | JetPeel
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Photo Courtesy of @myjetpeel | JetPeel

Your Fine Line & Wrinkle Rejuvenation Journey
with D Luxe Lab

D Luxe Lab is the ideal choice for wrinkle and fine line reduction in Yorkville. When you partner with us, know that your experience will be nothing short of D Luxe.

We invite you to begin your fine line and wrinkle reduction journey by calling (647) 660-9660, or schedule your personalized assessment today!

Fine Lines & Wrinkles FAQs

We are here to help find the fine line and wrinkle reducing methods that are right for you. After our detail-oriented experts conduct a comprehensive assessment of your facial skin, they’ll work closely with you to determine how to best treat your specific skin concerns.

Successfully treating facial wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, and other skin conditions requires a unique combination of the best treatments and the right plan. When you choose us, we want to help you with all of your concerns.

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